Volkswagen SRS Universal

SRS Universal

SRS Universal




1 to 5 = €299 for unit
5 and more = € for unit

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SRS Universal is used to reset airbag. When an explosion occurs in the airbag or the SRS light is turned on accidentally, commonly the airbag controller should be replaced, because the traditional tools cannot clear the trouble code. If there is no damage to the controller's hardware, it can be used normally again after the trouble code is cleared.




Airbag resetting.

Anti-theft code reader.




Big display screen, quick and convenient.

Read/write and save the memory of the airbag currently not supported.

VW airbags can be restored by K-line and OBD-II line.

Applicable Vehicles for Anti-theft Code Reader.

Applicable to Volkswagen vehicles. It can quickly read out the anti-theft code. Without this code reader in hand, you have to get the anti-theft code through special maintenance station from VW manufacturer. Now with this code reader you can read out the code quickly. So this is a very useful function.

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