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1 to 5 = €99 for unit
5 and more = € for unit

  • sale -10%: 


  • Outer sensor
  • Control box
  • Control set (LOOM)
  • Installation accessories
  • User's guide


Laser Elite is a multipurpose laser system build to keep you and your vehicle safe. Designed to be mounted on your vehicle, this in many ways useful investment will enable effortless parking and greater confidence while driving.


Laser Elite is based on military technology, and comprises parts fabricated to military standards. As opposed to classic infra-red sensors that use light emitting diodes, Laser Elite uses a laser diode that is used in military range-finders and police speed detectors. The power of a laser diode is one hundred times greater than that of a LED diiode. The reception of very faint signals is enabled due to the optical lenses in the receiver and high quality low-noise amplifiers.


The built-in USB socket will enable adding new features to your Laser Elite by connecting additional feature modules. The program code is also upgradeable in the event of improved software.


To cover both the front and back of a vehicle it is possible to order an additional outer sensor that can be connected to Laser Elite Control Box that already has two sockets for this purpose. In combination with other products of the Laser Elite brand, we can offer you even more features.

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