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1 to 5 = €99 for unit
5 and more = € for unit

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  • Outer sensor
  • Control box
  • Control set (LOOM)
  • Installation accessories
  • User's guide


Laser Star is a multipurpose laser system build to keep you and your vehicle safe. Designed to be mounted on your vehicle, this in many ways useful investment will enable effortless parking and greater confidence while driving.


Laser Star is based on military technology, and comprises parts fabricated to military standards. As opposed to classic infra-red sensors that use light emitting diodes, Laser Star uses a laser diode that is used in military range-finders and police speed detectors. The power of a laser diode is one hundred times greater than that of a LED diode. The reception of very faint signals is enabled due to the optical lenses in the receiver and high quality low-noise amplifiers.


The built-in USB socket will enable adding new features to your Laser Star by connecting additional feature modules. The program code is also upgradeable in the event of improved software.


The compact main sensor head is designed for stealth install its fully water proof sealed and constructed from aluminium that is fully anodised. Upto 4 heads can be connected to a single incar(Available as an option) box and extra Laser Diode heads are available at a very low cost.


The install kit supplied is the most comprehensive of any system available and makes fitting of the Laser Star very simple and easy. It is compatible with all laser guns/Laser speed system from anywhere in the world including:


LTI - Marksman 20.20.

LTI - UltraLyte, LR, 100, 100LR, 200, 200LR, Compact, LRB,100pps supported

Kustom - ProLaser I

Kustom - ProLaser II

Kustom - ProLaser III

Kustom - Pro-Lite

Kustom - LaserCam II

Stalker - LZ-1

Laser Atlanta - SpeedLaser, S, R, Stealth Mode

Cleartone - Stealth SpeedLaser

Jenoptik - LaserPatrol

Jenoptik - Laveg, Video-Laveg

Multanova - StarLaserRedflex - Lasercam, Lasercam NT

Robot - TraffiPatrol, V

Sagem - MestaLaser

Sagem - EUROLaser

Truvelo - Lidar, D-Cam


Technical specifications:

Dimensions Outer Sensor (LxHxW): 50x20x50 mm

Control Box (LxHxW): 85x22x40 mm


Outer Sensor: 200 g

Control Box: 85 g


Operational power supply: 10.5V to 15V

Current consumption: 300 mA max.

Laser class: 1M

Laser wavelength: 905 nm



Detecting & Active Jamming of all laser guns to the front in Americas, Europe, Asia

Resistant to false noise from sunlight and road reflections

Jams all laser guns to the front from any distance all the way to the laser gun

Provides time for the driver to safely adjust their speed

Hidden in the grille, high performance laser gun protection

Scans constantly for laser, locks on to laser pulse rate, blanks the gun speed display

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