Man MAN Euro 6 SCR Emulator

MAN Euro 6 SCR Emulator

MAN Euro 6 SCR Emulator


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Emulator Box designed to disable system used in trucks, buses and other heavy vehicles with EURO 4 / EURO 5 / EURO 6 exhaust emission rates made by Mercedes-Benz, MAN, Scania, Iveco, DAF, Volvo and Renault. Emulator Box bypasses electronic module of the system on vehicle.

Its very easy to fit Emulator Box to any truck or bus equipped with system and it will override system instantly. Emulator Box disables system electronics gently so there will be no power loss of the engine or any warnings on the dashboard and in diagnostic system.

This device works without interfering to work of other electronic systems of the vehicle. Emulator Box has a wide range of supported vehicle models and there is only one version of emulator for all supported trucks, just upload the necessary program to the Emulator Box and you can install it on any supported truck.

MAN Euro 6 NOX Remover Advantages;

-Prevent all of NOX sytem faults

-You dont need NOX fuel

-You dont get NOx fault

-Prevent torque loss


Importance of MAN Euro6 NOX Emulator

Trucks generally give SCR or Nox system faults so working hard. Your truck may loss torque so some SCR faults or fault lamps.

These problems cause you to lose money and time. After the installiation SCR remove emulator, you dont get another SCR faults

and you dont need add SCR fuel. After the installiation, your SCR fuel level will up automaticly. 


NOX Remove emulator disable these systems

- NOX system (All)

- NOX sensor

- DPF system

- DPF temperature sensors

- DPF regeneration


Supported  Models ; 


All of Scania Euro 6 Engines 


NOTE:You can see some DTC code about NOX system after the connection. And you may need erase with diagnostic device

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