Adblue EURO 6 SCANIA AdBlue emulator

EURO 6 SCANIA AdBlue emulator

EURO 6 SCANIA AdBlue emulator



System emulator AdBlue for SCANIA EURO 6 

In device the highest quality of components have been used.

Each device before it reaches the customer is subjected to quality control and tested.

Car AdBlue system can work properly or be out of order.
The device works with both manual and automatic transmission..

Emulator AdBlue completely replaces in the car SCR system:

- Pump
- NOx Sensor
- heaters
- Clogged filters
- Injectors
- Wires
- Temperature sensors
- AdBlue level sensor in the tank

Advantages of AdBlue Emulator:

- No need to refuel AdBlue fluid
- In case of failure any of the modules of the AdBlue, there is no need repairing  or replacing of expensive components, because Emulator fully them replaces.
- The car does not enter the speed limit 20 km/hr due to failure
- Lack of permanent interference in the car's electronics
- No permanent interference in the car's electronics.
- After installation of Emulator car is fully diagnosable by scan tool
- The emulator can be turn-off or dismount at any time.
- After burning filter DPF operates normally

The case of the device is waterproof.

Dimensions of the device:

length: 10 cm
width: 2 cm
height: 1 cm

The device is connected through factory sockets.

Color of case is black.

Device comes with installation and operating manual.
In case of any problems Clients can contact our technicians in call center.
We always strive to help you during installation.



WARNING: SCR Emulatoion Module device usage is illegal in some countries, especially in countries of the European Union. You can buy and hold this device without any problems, but using it will cause higher exhaust gas emissions and of course your truck will not meet EURO 4 or EURO 5 ecological standards anymore (while SCR Emulatoion Module is connected and working properly) which are required in European Union. Our product is oriented to countries where there are no laws requiring EURO 4/5 ecological standards compliance. SCR Emulatoion Module allows you to reduce ecological standard of your truck by stopping DEF fluid supply system in the SCR catalyst, this is enough to save a lot of money on AdBlue fluid refills if you can use your truck without compliance with EURO 4/5 standards in your country. If you’ll buy this device you’ll take full responsibility for the use of the device and the associated consequences. It’s your personal decision to use SCR Emulatoion Module or not. We will not take any responsibility for any consequences associated with usage of SCR Emulatoion Module device.

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