Volvo VolvoDash VDASH w/ VolvoDice

VolvoDash VDASH w/ VolvoDice

VolvoDash VDASH w/ VolvoDice


€999.00 €599.00


1 to 5 = €599 for unit
5 and more = € for unit

  • sale -10%: 


On-line based tool, which provides customers various features, including translation of board computer (DIM + ICM), editing service messages (You can change "Time for Regular Maintenance" to "Regular service call: 123 456 789". VDASH software is still under active development. Until now we can provide out customers with chip-tuning, DPF removal, EGR removal, reload of ECM for free, pairing recycled remote controllers with car, cloning some modules like DIM, UEM, ETM.

Before every upload of software in your car we chach if we have a backup original file. Because of this we can guarantee 100% service satisfaction. It is not possible to kill any ECU in your car. Even if you have some troubles with other components in your car and oyu need to use Volvo official warranty, we can upload to your car your original file anytime by any of your dealers for free! Therefore Volvo can't recognize software manipulation with the car.


Two options of payment:


Entry fee of 599 Eur. You get better prices on all downloaded softwares, promotion on our website, 24/7 support, lifetime backup of your original firmware.



Additionally you need to pay for:

DIM Translation 40 Eur.


ICM Translation 15 Eur. (25 Eur. for cyrllic) (can only be sold as bundle with DIM translation)


Custom Service Message 15 Eur.


Cloning modules Price depends on modules.




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mrz_motorworks 17.09.2016  
Hi, i'm very interested with your product...I'm running my own workshop specialized in volvo..if I buy your product, it is posible to me to remap ecm for upgrading performance?
vmrkva49 18.05.2017  
Dobry den,
mam Volvo S60 2001 bez trip computeru. Koupil jsem signal switch s t.c. knoflikama ale nepracuje to. Pry musim pridat software. Muzete poradit i s cenou?
Dekuji a s pozdravem z Kanady
Vaclav Mrkva

Sorry I thought you are czech,
I have Volvo S60 2001 without trip computer. I bougt signal switch with t.c. buttons on it but doesn't work. I have to have added
software. Could you help me out with prices?
Thanks with best regard from Canada
Vaclav (Vic) Mrkva