Tacho EURO 5 Tachograph emulator

EURO 5 Tachograph emulator

EURO 5 Tachograph emulator




1 to 5 = €600 for unit
5 and more = € for unit

  • sale -10%: 


Suitable for all trucks:Euro4, Euro5, Euro6 (!). Both non-GPS and GPS systems included.

Our Tacho solution connects to tachograph itself, with wiring made so, that installation doesn't require any modifications or cutting/ breaking of original truck wiring system. This is a know-how technology, bringing you a full solution.


IMPORTANT: you need to put the small "spider" into gearbox speed sensor and close it again in correct way.

Activation - deactivation of the device is programmable in different ways (intelligent system).

Another advantage - even after unsuccessful traffic control check, it's minimal cost to return the truck into road-legal condition: no wiring changing according to requirements, etc.


The solution DOES NOT LEAVE any errors in any control unit of truck:

- no problems with automatic gearbox

- no ABS problems

- no correct speed show problems

Very rarely, after more than 3 hours of driving with Tacho emulator ON, you may find a temporary communication fault in Tacho control unit. If it is used for less than 2 hours of driving, this issue usually never does show up.



- before m.y. 2012.10: approx. 4 hours

- after m.y. 2012.10: approx. 3 hours.

Device activation/deactivation on truck: depending on model, EuroX type, etc. - pedal combinations, dashboard combinations usually (everything programmable via dedicated software, connectable through USB port and Windows PC.


WARNING: Tachograph Emulatoion Module device usage is illegal in some countries, especially in countries of the European Union. You can buy and hold this device without any problems, but can not use it in countries where working tachograph required to be mounted on truck. If you’ll buy this device you’ll take full responsibility for the use of the device and the associated consequences. It’s your personal decision to use Tachograph Emulatoion Module or not. We will not take any responsibility for any consequences associated with usage of this device.

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