Scania Scania Multi 2018.10 (spare parts)

Scania Multi 2018.10 (spare parts)

Scania Multi 2018.10 (spare parts)




1 to 5 = €150 for unit
5 and more = € for unit

  • sale -10%: 


Scania Multi 2018 - A program that contains the electronic catalog for the selection of spare parts and repair manuals, operation and maintenance of trucks and buses Scania, whose production began in 1985. The information presented in the program is intended for all regions are represented by a variety of modifications, including additional equipment. The manual repair information is divided into sections in which you can find information on the type of car and engine. Repair Manual, diagnostics and maintenance contain illustrations and step by step instructions. Also in the catalog of spare parts you can find illustrations of nodes with a full description of all incoming parts and their original numbers. Update program is not possible, as completely updated database and the client part. The program interface supports English and Russian. Service documentation in Scania Multi 2018 is presented only in Russian and English. The program is very useful for workshops and service stations of trucks and buses as well as to reduce the time of selection of parts for units of the car, as well as to repair and restore the broken parts.

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