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Lori Spam 17.08.2015 12:23
Tadas Spam 17.08.2015 12:22
Puse metų naudojuosi Mercedes ir BMW diagnostikos aparatais. Viskas veikia normaliai. Buvo problemų kai kabelį pažeidėme, bet viską sutvarkė.
Leon Spam 17.08.2015 12:21
I bought daf vci560 3 samples from this company and during 1 year period i got full support from staff. Thank you a lot!
Musolf Howard Spam 17.08.2015 12:19
I ordered a SSM III from this company and it was such a smooth transaction, being on the West Coast and hearing about bad stories when ordering parts from China or Euroupe, this was great would higly recommend Thanks
AVNET Spam 17.08.2015 12:04
Nice one !
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