Frequently asked questions

25.01.2016 15:35

What is the Vehicle Preparation feature?

Vehicle Preparation provides users with a list of common functions typically used during new vehicle preparation. Examples include:


- Sound Horn On Lock

- Flash Hazard Lamps On Lock

- Headlamps Delay Time

- Illuminated Entry Time


- Program Additional Ignition Keys All items that are available under Vehicle Preparation can also be found by navigating to ECU View > ECU Overview > Misc. Functions and ECU View > ECU Overview > More Options > System Tests.

25.01.2016 15:36

What ports are required for the StarSCAN tool to access the Internet?

For the StarSCAN tool to access the Internet both ports 80 (HTTP) & 443 (HTTPS) are required.

25.01.2016 15:37

Why won't my StarSCAN tool power off when I press or press and hold the power key?

Complete the following steps if you are unable to power off your StarSCAN tool:


1) Remove the internal battery pack located on the lower right side of the StarSCAN tool and disconnect all external power sources (A/C Power, Vehicle Cable, MDS2 DIN Cable).


2) Re-install the internal battery pack and connect the StarSCAN tool to an external power source (A/C power Cable, Vehicle Cable, or MDS2 DIN Cable). Reconnecting an external power source may be necessary because the internal rechargeable battery may be discharged.


3) Press the Power key.

25.01.2016 15:37

The StarSCAN is a stand-alone device that is much like a personal computer. When it is first turned on, it must run a number of processes before it can be used. These include loading an operating system, starting Java software, identifying the connected vehicle, etc.


You can avoid booting up your StarSCAN by leaving the tool plugged into the AC adapter and powered up between uses. Because the tool is only charged while it is on, this will also keep the battery fully charged. We do recommend, however, that the tool be restarted once a day to free up internal memory and avoid system slow downs and errors from occurring.

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