• Our Mission

    EFICHIP designs, manufactures and delivers innovative products to meet the highest of the demands of today’s automotive DIY'ers as well as the professional technicians. Our dedicated engineering team and advanced manufacturing techniques guarantee an impeccable quality in all our product lines. We continue to keep the market leadership in diagnostic solutions by the means of consistent evaluation and improvement process both as the supplier and the employer.

  • Our Facilities

    EFICHIP headquarters are located in Vilnius, Lithuania. The facilities include: executive administration offices, R&D (Research & Development) and manufacturing operations. This guarantees that all our products are designed, developed and produced in one place using the most advanced manufacturing process. For instance, we assemble the printed circuit boards internally by using various methods, including robotic surface mount placement and automated through-hole insertion. This sophisticated equipment helps us build compact products with additional functions, ultimately adding value to our customers.

  • R&D (Research & Development)

    EFICHIP has a long-standing commitment to create unique equipment for both beginners and experts. Therefore the two focal parts of our organization have always been R&D (Research & Development) and engineering. We maintain a fully staffed R&D (Research & Development) facility at all times. Our engineering division is dedicated to innovation and product range buildup.